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It’s that time of the year – you’ve just gorged on Christmas sweets and holiday cheer and a new year is looming (how is it 2019 already?!?!?).

Tops on pretty much everyone’s resolution list is: getting fit, losing weight, or hitting the gym more often! And TruFusion in Scottsdale wants to make those goals attainable and fun with your unique approach to a gym atmosphere and intensely fun fitness classes.

In their own words…

“TruFusion is more than “just” a fitness studio–it’s a lifestyle brand and wellness concept that’s come around just as consumers are starting to focus on fitness as a lifestyle rather than a “chore.” In the past, exercise was seen as a way to burn calories or flatten abs–and yoga and meditation were reserved for spiritual and religious practices. Today, conscious consumers are actively seeking ways to infuse the body-mind-soul connection in everyday life. They are tired of paying for expensive memberships to multiple studios to fulfill this basic human need. TruFusion offers an all-in-one customizable experience, and can be the vehicle to help individuals focus on the mind-body-spirt connection.

With spa-like amenities, workshops, and a healthy smoothie bar to fuel-up pre or post workout, TruFusion is all about elevating the community and focusing on the body-mind-soul connection. Our locker rooms are equipped with steam showers and complimentary shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. We also have blowdryers, spray-on deodorant, Q-tips, cotton balls, tampons and hair ties.”

So basically, they got you covered!

Last month I hosted a private Budhi yoga class for my friends and readers and the general consensus after the class was – we all got our buts kicked and laughed and loved our way through it. We had sweat buckets but we all felt connected and exhilarated – each of us cheering each other on. The class felt different than any other I had ever been to, more intense but also more fun and uplifting. The TruFusion way!

Interested in checking out TruFusion yourself? There is no better time than NOW. They are offering Yay Baby! blog readers a new member special of $30 for 5 weeks and/or a reduced monthly membership of $79 a month! Mention code: YAYBABY to redeem offer.

TruFusion Scottsdale is located at 14202 N Scottsdale Road Suite 114, Scottsdale, AZ 85254. Call 480.912.2412 or email for more information.

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