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Confession: I am a woman run ragged. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining because it is the path I have chosen and I know, without hesitation, it is the right path, yet too often I feel burned out.

During those times I’m short tempered and impatient. I disconnect and am not present for my family when I need to be, then I feel guilty and the guilt leads to stress, the stress leads to restless sleep and exhaustion. It’s the story of every wife, mom, woman, human — am I right? We forget about ourselves.

Self-care is basically a foreign concept to me. So I ask myself – how can I be my best self for anyone if I am not my best self for me? If I’m running on empty, I’m not at maximum performance. Clearly changes need to be made because my family deserves the best…and so do I.

Last month I was invited to close out 2019 at Civana Wellness Resort & Spa. The first thing I thought of was bringing my daughter, Jax, with me but after some thought I realized I should take that time for some reflection and self love. Some time spent away from my every day responsibilities for relaxation and peace and to fill my cup in preparation for the intentions I have set for myself.

I want to be more patient, more forgiving and more accepting. I know that by achieving those intentions I’ll feel less guilty, less stressed and more present. I can be a better wife, a better mother and a better me.

And it all starts with me and knowing that my family is deserving of having the best me. I am deserving of being my best.

There was no better place to set and affirm these intentions than at Civana, surrounded by the peaceful desert in a warm and beautifully appointed room, and of course a day at their world-class spa.

I had the pleasure of a Civana staycation last summer for a mommy and mini getaway with Jax. And while we had a blast enjoying their family-friendly classes and the pool, I was unable to visit the spa because she was with me.

But thankfully, this time around, I booked an appointment and spent the afternoon taking full advantage of the amenities. The spa is epic. I’ve been to quite a few resort spas in town and this was by far one of the best experiences I have ever had. The spa was recently named a top 10 Wellness Resort by the readers of USA Today and it’s no wonder why. The place is gorgeous, the amenities top notch, the services diverse and healing, the staff welcoming and impeccable. Just wow.

I braved the hydrotherapy thermal circuit by relaxing in very warm water then plunging in stingingly frigid water. After the initial shock and a few repeats in the circuit I found the process invigorating and the cold water became more tolerable each time. I detoxed in the steam room and spent some time in the dry sauna too. Then I went to the relaxation room to snooze for a bit before my treatment.

I opted for one of Civana’s specialty treatments and booked the Marine Detox Body Wrap with Vischy Shower. Oh my goodness! It was 60 minutes of bliss. I was actually kind of emotional when it was over. It was so relaxing, so invigorating, so soothing, so healing and so cleansing that I did did not want it to end. Initially I was a little skeptical because of my modesty issues but that was all put to rest when the therapist explained I would never be fully exposed, always draped in towels and sheets and clad in the disposable undergarments provided.

My entire body was dry brushed, leaving me feeling a bit tingly. After that I was coated from head to toe in a detoxing seaweed mask then tightly wrapped in warm, wet towels and plastic sheets. I felt safe and content in that warm cocoon while the therapist massaged my face and scalp, lulling me into a pleasant and blissful slumber. Afterwards I was unwrapped and rinsed clean with the Vischy shower heads. That rinse off alone was absolutely incredible. Once all the seaweed had been washed away I was dried off and slathered with moisturizing oil and then the euphoric experience concluded and I felt so relaxed I was light-headed and loopy, yet energized and excited.

The Marine Detox Body Wrap was amazing and I can’t recommend it enough.

Civana also offers over 70 complimentary classes to all guests. The classes focus on mindfulness, well-being and nutrition. During my stay I took an aerial meditation class where I climbed into a silk cocoon, cleared my mind, let go of stress and basically took the most clarifying and relaxing nap of my life.

I also took a cooking/nutrition class where I learned tips on making nutritious smoothies for breakfast and snacks. We made an apple pie smoothie full of protein and nutrients. It was absolutely delicious and you better believe I immediately ordered hemp hearts and chia seeds so I can repeat the goodness at home.

In just over 24 hours I felt like a new person — refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to take on the challenges the new decade sends my way. I gained realization that “me-time” is not selfish, it’s necessary – and I intend to do it. It will make me the best version of myself so I can be the best I can be for the people I love the most, Jax and Tim.

I definitely think more solo trips and staycations are in my future and it was a pleasure to kick off a new year/decade and a new me at such a beautiful and peaceful destination.

Thank you, Civana, for such an enlightening, relaxing and much needed getaway. I’ll see you soon!

Civana Wellness Resort and Spa is located at 37220 Mule Train Rd., Carefree, AZ 85377

Disclaimer: I enjoyed a complimentary one-night stay and spa treatment in exchange for this post. As usual all opinions are entirely my own. 

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