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You were born. I blinked. And now you’re eight years old.

How is that real life?

How are you real life?

Jax, you are perfection to me and I  can’t even believe how I lucked out in the kid department.

You were the sweetest baby, sleeping through the night at only five weeks old, never crying, always content and happy. The kind of baby an insecure first time mama dreams about. And you were mine.

You were the ideal toddler and preschooler. So bright and eager to learn. So mild tempered and easy to redirect. Of course there was that brief period of time where I swear you didn’t like me much – you even told me so. But that was short-lived and looking back I realize it was more me than you. Your personality really came forward those years and I knew you were going to be a handful, sassy, silly and full of delight. And you were mine.

You are an incredible little girl. So bright and beautiful. Full of wonder and light. You bring joy to all who know you and leave smiles in your wake. You’re so smart and sweet. So polite and well-mannered. So thoughtful and imaginative. You’re always eager to please, yet so independent and self aware. You’re cautious until you’re comfortable and then you go full force. You’re flexible and forgiving. You’re snuggly and so fun. You’re compassionate and kind to your very core. You are my dream come true. And you are mine.

Baby love, you are destined to do amazing things. You were born to burn bright. You will spread your sparkle everywhere you go and the world will be a better place because of that. And that is because you are you. And I am so endlessly in awe of you and so blessed that you are mine.

Jacquelyn Gloria Elaine Fuchs, it is my extreme pleasure and defining grace to be your mama.

Enjoy 8 with all your heart, my love. Live and love every second. You are my favorite and you are my best.

I love you the most and I love you the best.

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