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Fairmont Hotels and Resorts recently announced a pretty exciting partnership with Tequila Los Azulejos, a leader among ultra-premium tequilas. This is a partnership worth raising a glass to, as Fairmont is renowned for world-class luxury. The partnership will be featured at select restaurants and bars at more than 20 Fairmont properties, including Arizona’s own Fairmont Scottsdale Princess.

I attended the recent launch festivities and was blown away at the extravagance, but nothing less can be expected when two high-end brands unite.


Los Azulejos’ tequilas are true works of art, from the hand blown glass or beautiful painted ceramic bottles to the process in which they are made near the town of Tequila in Jalisco, Mexico. They start with 100 percent Blue-Weber agaves. The plants are matured for 10 years and only the best are selected. The agave is perfectly cooked in traditional brick ovens which allow the the natural sugars of the plant to caramelize. After going through an extracting process the sweet nectar is allowed to ferment for 48 hours in steel holding tanks, then double-distilled, the first and last 40 percent of the run are discarded and what is left is considered the “heart” of the run.

All of that may not have a lot of meaning to a layman but these extra steps in the process are what sets Loz Azulejos apart, making a far superior tequila with a resulting taste that is incomparable to anything else on the market.


Pineapple Smoke

Los Azulejos’ trademark smoothness make it the perfect sipping tequila and they mix up in some delicious cocktails like the following:

The Pineapple Smoke from Bourbon Steak was my favorite at the launch party. Made with Los Azulejos Reposado, mesquite-grilled pineapple syrup, angostura bitters and freshly squeezed lemon juice, this cocktail was refreshing with a light sweet tartness that was perfectly balanced by the hint of smokiness.

The Flaming Los Azulejos Coffee from La Hacienda is a warm coffee cocktail and is made with flare using Los Azulejos Reposado tequila, 1921 creme and freshly brewed coffee. The glass is dusted with cinnamon and set aflame. The ignited drink sparks for a bit before t’s finished with fresh whipped cream, chocolate shavings and an extra touch of cinnamon.  It’s a marvel to watch!

 Esta Noche from the Plaza Bar is made with Los Azulejos Anejo tequila, lime juice, agave nectar, Ruby Port and ginger beer. It’s reminiscent of a Mule, served in an icy copper mug and garnished with fresh mint leaves. It’s cleansing on the palate and refreshingly smooth.

The Guava Caipirita from Toro is delicately sweet and delicious. Made with Los Azulejos Silver, fresh-squeezed lime juice, guava puree and Velvet Falernum. It’s lovely and delicious finished with bruleed guava.

All of the above cocktails are available at the respective restaurants/bars through November 15, 2016 to celebrate this partnership. Tequila and cocktails lovers should definitely plan to visit The Princess and sample these libations.


Hanging out with Christina, from Write on Rubee and Katie Schnurr, the resort’s own Tequila Goddess. Yes, TEQUILA GODDESS! She is beautiful and knows anything and everything about tequila, a goddess, indeed!



Disclaimer: I attended the Los Azulejos and Fairmont Partnership launch party as part of the local media. All opinions in the post are entirely my own. 

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