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Doughbird, the latest addition to the Fox Restaurant Concepts line up opened their doors today (March 28) welcoming patrons to take flight on a dining experience like no other! The cheeky name, hints at the unique menu that features eclectic pizzas and mouthwatering rotisserie chicken meals.

I was lucky enough to score an invite to the friends and family pre-opening event and sampled some of the goods, and it was all better than good.

Pizza options range from the tame, Pepperoni and Burrata, to the extreme, Crispy Pastrami. I ordered the latter and was blown away at how delightful the combination of pastrami, purple kale and pickled mustard seeds can be. Every bite was a palate punching shock of flavor; salty and meaty with tiny bursts of tang from the mustard seeds. And the crust! The crust was excellent, nicely charred and crisped on the outside with a tender chew. I’ve never had a pizza like this and I can’t wait to go back for more; although next time I might be swayed to order the Barbecue Beef Pizza with charred corn, goat cheese and jalapeño pesto.

The rotisseried birds are worth a spin as well. Meals come with your choice of one side and one dipping sauce. Sides include: quinoa tabouleh, cauliflower mash, hummus and marinated tomatoes, mac & cheese, and so much more. Dipping sauces run the gamut from horseradish creme fraiche to pineapple teriyaki.

On my visit I chose the 1/4 bird with spicy buffalo hot sauce and a side of crispy potato wedges. First of all I have to say that buffalo sauce was the BEST I have ever tried, it was so good it would make a dirty shoe taste great. It was spicy but not overwhelmingly so, full of robust heat with a slightly sweet tang. Doughbird should seriously consider bottling this sauce and selling it. The chicken was nice and juicy with well seasoned skin that became pretty addictive, especially when dipped in the buffalo sauce!

The dessert menu is kept short and sweet with three options to choose from, a warm butterscotch cream cake, old fashioned peach streusel pie and “The Elvis.” While the former two have delicious merit I highly suggest you order “The Elvis” before you leave the building. It’s a parfait dessert with layers of intensely creamy peanut butter and chocolate pudding, banana slices topped with a cloud of whipped cream and further embellished with bacon sandies (thin, crispy sugar cookies flecked with bacon bits – OMG).

Like all of its sister restaurants Doughbird is destined for lofty success. The brand is known for its hip eateries serving up exceptional food and the latest gem delivers on all points.

Doughbird is now open for lunch and dinner and is located at:
4385 East Indian School Road, Phoenix Arizona 85018.



Disclaimer: I enjoyed my meal free of charge to help facilitate this write up.  All opinions within this post are entirely my own. 

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