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My Jacquelyn does everything to the beat of her own drum. She is breastfed and has never really taken to a bottle. I would say before the last month or so she had only ever had a bottle about three times her entire life. She just refused them and that was fine with me because I cherished (still do) our nursing time.

Then during the holidays my brother and his family came to stay with us. Jax took interest in my youngest nephew, particularly because he had a bottle. She swiped it right from his hands and helped herself to the goodness within.

Since then, my goofy girl likes to drink her water out of a bottle, juice out of a cup, but water from a bottle. I know at 19-months, she is too old for a bottle and she doesn’t do it often enough to damage her pallet and teeth, so for now I will indulge her.

Her silly idiosyncrasies put a smile on my face.


She had to have the pink bottle to match her pink princess jammies, of course.

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