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My love bug is 18 months old today. A year and a half – I can’t even believe it!

  • 18 months of hanging out with the coolest chick I know.
  • 18 months of super sass packed in an adorable package.
  • 18 months of sleeping within two feet of the sweetest thing in the world. I have never slept apart from her, never even slept in another room then the one she was in.
  • 18 months of waking up to the most radiant smile and the happiest cooing. In 18 months I can’t recall a time when she woke up in the morning anything but cheerful and excited to start her day.

At 18 months old my bug weighs 30 pounds! My sweet, sweet chubette. She has too many teeth for me to count! If I try she bites my finger, that sticker!

She loves to babble endlessly. She clearly says “mama,” “dada,” “mommy,” “daddy,” “bye,” “hi,” “ball,” “no,” “caca” and “bus.” And has her own special way of saying “please” (bee or bees), “thank you” (ti too), “pizza” (pee-ta), “pasta” (pa-ta), “noodle” (nu-no), “Jax” (dah). Listening to her talk is one of my biggest joys and I love teaching her new words. I know I am leaving out at least a dozen other things she says. She is a chatter box!

She’s so awesome. So outgoing and fun. My days are never boring.

When I look at her I still see such a baby. My baby. Always.




Jax hijacked this quad ride-on from a two year-old boy at the park. She loved it. I see a pink one in her future.

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