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Pita Jungle is synonymous with healthy eating in the Valley and it is my family’s go-to place when we are craving flavorful food without any guilt, plus they have one of the best kid’s menus in town.

Jax loves eating out at Pita Jungle and that thrills me because it is the one place where she willingly eats all her veggies without any fuss (it’s the hummus). She will eat all her cucumbers and tomatoes as long as she has a plate of hummus to dip it in to, and that’s saying something because she won’t eat hummus anywhere else.

But honestly, who doesn’t love Pita Jungle’s hummus. Ask anyone you know who has the best hummus in AZ and you can bet they will say Pita Jungle. I love that you can get it as a duo or a trio with their three flavors because Jax prefers the simplicity of the plain but I am cilantro jalapeño all the way!

And about those kid’s meals – they are fantastic. Jax loves picking out her protein, she is a chicken or turkey kind of girl, her grain/carb choice is always pasta (hold the marinara) with parmesan, cukes for her veggie, and fresh fruit rounds out every kid’s meal. Ordering from the menu teaches kids about a balanced plate, healthy eating and portion control. We always appreciate a good lesson on nutrition, especially one as tasty as this!

For me it’s always the Chicken Pasta Salad (add feta, extra dressing). The portion is so generous I easily make two meals out of it, two deliciously delightful meals. Pita Jungle has a way with chicken, it’s always so perfectly seasoned and expertly cooked, and that lemon vinaigrette is amazing. I always order a couple extra side of it. Pita Jungle, can I get the recipe, please?

Don’t miss dessert, since you ate so healthy, it is deserved! I love Pita Jungle’s Rice Pudding, but on our most recent visit Jax and I enjoyed the gluten-free brownie ice cream sandwich. It was so rich and decadent you won’t miss the gluten at all! It’s on the seasonal menu, so I suggest heading over soon if you want to partake. And believe me, you do.

Everybody LOVES Pita Jungle and it is no secret why – the hummus can’t be beat, the food is healthy and fresh, the kid’s meals are the best, and bonus: dessert is always guilt-free (mostly)!

Pita Jungle has numerous locations through the Valley, plus a couple in Tucson and one in Flagstaff.


Disclaimer: I enjoyed a meal at Pita Jungle to help facilitate this post. All opinions are entirely my own. 

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