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Eight years ago on a cold, windy wet day I vowed my forever to Timothy Karl Fuchs. Nothing before that day or after in our relationship has been easy.

On the last day of August 2010 Tim proposed to me. After six years together I often wondered if that day would ever come. But it did come, during a time when we were both at an emotional and mental low, reeling from a traumatic loss. But with that question and the sparkling ring came a glimmer of hope.

I said “yes.” And in the five months that followed pain turned into planning. Grief took a back seat to the joy and chaos of planning a wedding. It was just the distraction we needed, we healed.

It wasn’t easy, but we made it through.

And we’ve made it through eight years of more mess and more chaos laced with laughter and life. Our life, our never dull, never easy life.

There is a line in a song, an Eminem sing, no less, that fits Tim and I too a T.

“That’s what happens when a tornado meets a volcano.” — That’s us, not the physical explosiveness but the volatility of us.

I’m the tornado — always rushing, always loud, always all over the place, bursting and raucous and intrusive. He is the volcano — intense and brooding, dormant until he isn’t…

Two explosive souls. One memorable life. That’s us.

Sometimes it doesn’t seem normal or healthy but it’s our normal and we are strong. If anything, we are stubborn and we make it work. Every time we make it work.

It rained on our wedding day eight years ago. The sun came out an hour before I walked down the aisle. We said our vows in the wet, cold desert with the wind whipping my veil, our friends and family shivering. It turned out to be a beautiful ceremony despite the chill. The rain came back just as we went inside for dinner, we toasted and celebrated to the serenade of raindrops beating the surrounding landscape. It all worked out. Somehow it always does…

It’s never boring, and sometimes it seems too damn hard..but it is always worth it.


To Timothy, I love you for so many reasons, for your extreme generosity, for your protective nature, for the way you love me and Jax, I could go on and on…but mostly I love you for your willingness to put up with me.

We are both totally different than the day we met, and different still from our wedding day and we’ve done that to each and for each other; constantly adapting to make our life together work out. But I love who I am and I love who you are. I wouldn’t trade these past 8 years as your wife for all the promises in the world. The only promise I need or want is the promise of us, of our little family.

I love us — Volcano, Tornado and the force of nature we created out of love, Jax. Forever.

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