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I seriously can’t get over how adorably smooshie my sweet girl is! Just look at that face, that squishy, smooshie face of glory. I could smother this kid in kisses all day, if she’d let me. But she won’t, she’ll push me away and wipe off my love and find mischief and messes.

Girl has sass and attitude to spare.

I’ll share this little morsel with you, a classic tidbit I’ll laugh about for years. I know it’s totally TMI… but, well you know, I have a blog and over sharing is what it’s all about.

TMI ALERT: A few night’s ago, I was a little gassy (what’s new?). I tried to be discreet…haha, who am I kidding, I let ‘er rip. Jax looked at me surprised and asked what the noise was. I told her I tooted. Her response was priceless.

“Stinky ass,” she says to me with eyes rolling and nose scrunched in disgust.

Then she continued about her business, leaving me in a cloud of…uh…disbelief and, well, stink.

How do you not laugh at that? Naughty girl. Made me want to squish and smoosh her with even more kisses.



What shocking things have your kids said? Share in the comments. All kids do it and you know the first time you hear that sweet voice say something naughty you think it’s funny.




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