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4Halloween is by far my favorite holiday! Of course the candy has lots to do with my favoritism but I love it mostly because I’m a fan of all things spooky. Plus, for the past few years I’ve had a blast deciding what my cutie-pie, Jax, will dress as for the occasion. This year I went all out and she adorned three different costumes for the different events we attended this Halloween season.

I was able to recycle her Wonder Woman costume from her cousin’s birthday party for a party at The Little Gym.

For trick-or-treating, I brought out the custom vest she wore for her birthday party and I added a tattoo sleeve t-shirt (found here) to edge up her uber cute Biker Chick costume.

But neither of those rivaled the supreme awesomeness of the costume I put together for the Balloon Spooktacular festival we attended the week before Halloween.

I didn’t want her to dirty her tattoo sleeve shirt and I thought the night might be a bit too chilly for her bare-armed, backless Wonder Woman costume so I wanted something different. As I laid down with her for her nap, just a couple hours before we planned to head out, I remembered the Mexican folk dress my dad gave her for her birthday. In that dress she could be a Mexican folk dancer, Rosarita of refried bean frame or Frida Kahlo. I chose the latter.

I simply wrapped the colorful flowered headbands from her clown costume from last year, around the plastic princess tiara she wears every day for the famed floral head piece. Then I drew on the unibrow with brown eyeliner.  Voila!, Jax was transformed into Frida in less than 5 minutes! She was a hit as the famous unibrowed Mexican artist and she rocked that look like it was her job. I was one proud mommy.

So much fun!



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