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As a blogger and social media influencer it’s in the job description to over share. All my social media accounts are public, anyone can look me up – I invite people to follow along. But, I do have to have to be careful about what I share, especially as the mother to a young daughter.

Enter LifeTales, a new social sharing platform that allows me to share what I want with whom! It’s the perfect way for this oversharing mama to post photos of the more private moments of our life with the people closest to us.

It’s ideal for sharing pics and stories with relatives, travel buddies to share pics of their adventures with each other, and teams/groups to share event pics with other members…you get the idea. You can control who sees the stories, and you can even add contributors. And unlike Facebook, Twitter and Instagram the stories won’t get buried after they are posted.

LifeTales is available in the App Store for Mac devices and through the web for droids. I have an android and was a little skeptical about accessing the program without an App, but the worry was unfounded.

It was easy to sign up and get started. There is even a video to help walk you through the process. 

You can post as many pictures as you’d like, caption them and name the story. Encourage your friends and family to sign up for a LifeTales profile as well and start sharing!

Of course I will still give glimpses of Yay Baby! life on the blog, Instagram and Facebook, but I plan to use LifeTales to show more of what’s going on in our word to our family and closest friends. It’s the best of both worlds for this blogging mama and I am still exploring how much I can do with it.

As much as most of us hate to admit it, social dedia controls many aspects in our lives, now we can control who sees it.

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