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Growing up I always dreaded when summer ended and school started. The only thing that eased the anxiety was shopping for new school clothes, a backpack and shoes. My new wardrobe and accessories gave me a little boost of confidence and made the transition back to school a little easier.

Thankfully, my little Jacquelyn has confidence in spades but new clothes are a right of passage for the new school year. We did most of our shopping at the popular big box stores but I let Jax pick some special items from our favorite online children’s boutique, Chasing Fireflies.

She felt so grown up perusing the website and picking her favorite things. She’s a big first-grader now so my input was unneeded. Chasing Fireflies offers classic pieces like beautiful skirts and dresses and little bits of whimsy, like these Pastel Unicorn Flats.

What little girl wouldn’t swoon over these shoes? I want a pair for myself. When they arrived, Jax immediately put them on and loved them so much she begged to sleep in them. It took all that she had to take them off and wait to wear them until the first day of school.

One of my favorite things about Chasing Fireflies is that many of their items have a customization option allowing you to personalize everything from pajamas to t-shirts to sandals! Yes, even shoes!

Jax opted for a custom backpack, and what a backpack it is!

The Personalized Glitter Fairy Backpack is absolutely beautiful and pretty utilitarian too! It’s roomy and features many pockets, it even has a hidden pocket on the straps, a perfect hiding place for lunch money or a secret note between friends.

What I like best is that even though it’s all blinged out with glitter it doesn’t shed sparkles and make a mess!

Jax also picked out  these sassy Skirted Leggings, available in five colors. Of course, my unicorn loving girl chose the vibrant bright pink. Jax prefers skirts and dressing to pants and shorts and these leggings make a great compromise offering the best of both worlds. The ruffles add a feminine flare and because they are leggings they are perfect for days when Jax has P.E.

These leggings can be easily dressed up with a nice blouse or made casual with a tank top and vest.

And of course, Jax had to chose a dress from Chasing Fireflies. And because she is Jax, the dress is sparkly and maybe a teensy bit too fancy for every day school clothes. But this Jacquard Twirl Dress is ideal for picture day and school concerts. It has just the right amount of shimmer and flounce and is soft and comfortable. The three-quarter sleeves and knit jacquard fabric will take it seamlessly from fall to winter wear.

In the past we have ordered from Chasing Fireflies for special occasions so it was natural to order from them again for the monumental occasion of the first day of school. I love the quality items and Jax loves that she can pick unique and whimsical things you can’t find anywhere else.

Jax felt confident and sassy on her first day of school and that sets my protective mama’s mind at ease.

P.S. Halloween is just around the corner! There is NO better place on earth to shop for the perfect costumes. You can and will get lost in all their offerings.

Stay tuned to see what Jax picked out!

Disclaimer: We received items free of charge from Chasing Fireflies to help facilitate this post. As usual all opinions are entirely my own. 

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