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The weather is gorgeous and one of my favorite places to soak up the sunshine and enjoy the warm breeze is Scottsdale Quarter. Miss Jax and I like to window shop (and real shop), then grab a snack and head to the splash pad where she can frolic and I can relax. We used to always get frozen yogurt until one outing we discovered Le Macaron and found ourselves in a colorful, whimsy pastry heaven.

We adore macarons…or as Jax calls them “princess cookies” and Le Macaron delivers! We love looking at the beautiful display of macarons and gourmet chocolates, that are really tiny pieces of decadent edible art. We swoon over the chocolate lips, pyramids and domes, all colorfully painted with a lacquered shine that makes them almost too pretty to eat.

In addition to tasty macarons (in dozens of flavors) and pretty chocolates, Le Macaron makes fresh crepes, scoops up luscious gelato and whips up delightful coffee drinks.

On a recent media visit I sampled the crepes and was so excited about them I gobbled it up before I had the chance to snap a photo! But take my word for it, the crepe was heavenly, perfectly thin and tender. I opted for a simple cinnamon, sugar crepe dripping with sweet butter, but Le Macaron will fill your crepe with Nutella, bananas, strawberries, chocolate sauce, etc. or will even top it with a scoop of gelato!

Le Macaron is a perfect destination for a light and sweet brunch with your girlfriends too.

There are many reasons to love this Parisian sweet shop. J’aime Le Macaron!

Le Macaron is located at 15323 N Scottsdale Rd #145, Scottsdale, AZ 85254.




Disclaimer: I was invited to enjoy some items at Le Macaron free of charge during a media visit. All opinions within this post are entirely my own. 

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