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Today the love of my life is five years old. I am not sure how this happened, or where these 1,825 days have gone. Five years old. Jacquelyn’s entire baby/toddler/pre-k years have flown by, every year a little more bittersweet than the one before, but five stings a little more than the others. During this year (in just a few weeks) my precious girl will start kindergarten, and I am told once they start school the speed of childhood accelerates. Yes, it’s bittersweet.

How did five get here so fast? I just don’t know.

But what I do know is that this five year-old girl is amazing. She is sunshine in human form. Her heart is golden, her charm is sweet. She is fiercely independent and supremely silly. She laughs in her sleep. She wakes up smiling. She’s her daddy’s girl and her mommy’s masterpiece. She takes my breath away. She is so divinely loved.

Happy Birthday, Jacquelyn Fuchs, you beautiful little girl! You are my favorite and you are my best.  Thank you for being your sweet, funny self. Thank you for being ours.

Keep on shining, Jax – you do it better than anyone else I know. Shine!

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  • Kami

    How time flies!

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