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Butterfly Wonderland recently opened it’s latest exhibit – Rainforest Reptiles. Guests can see all different types of reptiles from exotic locales around the world; including brilliantly hued poison dart frogs, a giant red-tailed boa, a dwarf caiman crocodile, a wonky-eyed vibrant panther chameleon and dozens of other slithery, scaly members of the animal kingdom.

Miss Jacquelyn and I were invited to check out the exhibit and she looked forward to it all week (I made the error of telling her about it days before and every day after she asked me dozens of times when we were going to see the snakes and butterflies).

We hit the new exhibit first and loved seeing all the brightly colored reptiles. Our absolute favorite was the chameleon, he was gorgeous – a reptilian rainbow; but Jax was also happy with this cute little lizard having a drink of water.

After exploring the exhibit we were off to check out the butterflies. Jax could hardly contain herself. The last time we visited we both had butterflies land on us so Jax was hopeful that would happen again. Unfortunately it didn’t but it is still so magical, and peaceful to walk amongst thousands of fluttering butterflies. We spent a long time in the butterfly conservatory, left to cool down (it’s kept pretty warm and humid), and then went back in for another half hour. Jax couldn’t get enough of the butterflies. Before we left we went back to the reptile exhibit to visit of chameleon friend. He is so cool!

The new rainforest reptile exhibit is fantastic and offers an interesting learning experience for all ages. It’s a great addition to Butterfly Wonderland, which was already a favorite destination of ours.

Butterfly Wonderland is located at 9500 E. Via de Ventura Scottsdale, AZ 85256.



Disclaimer: I was invited to visit the new Rainforest Reptile Exhibit at Butterfly Wonderland free of charge to help facilitate this write-up. All opinions stated within this post are entirely my own. 

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