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As is tradition with Jax’s birthday celebrations her outfit MUST fit the theme perfectly. I admit envisioning the perfect ensemble is one of my favorite parts of the party planning. It may be a superfluous detail but I love it. Plus, I am pretty sure my opportunities to coordinate her birthday outfit with her birthday cake and party decor are numbered. I might get lucky with it one more time next year but that’s probably it. Then she’ll be too cool for the frills, so I figure I might as well have fun with it while I can.

Once again I reached out to Ashley Barney from Sincerely Ryleigh Couture and told her what I had in mind for Jax’s outfit. Of course, she NAILED it. Every detail was exactly as I had envisioned, right down to the cute little Uncle Sam top hat headband. SO CUTE!!!

Ashley made Jax’s mermaid outfit for her party last year and her Rapunzel costume last Halloween. (p.s. I can’t wait to share what I am ordering from her for Jax’s costume this year — eeeep! so excited).


Another birthday tradition that will end next year are these custom chalkboards. I LOVE having these made to commemorate Jax’s special days and document her favorites of that year. I’ve had one made for all of Jax’s birthdays and have ordered them from Terra at TMG Designs since her second. Terra is so dang sweet and obviously super talented. l adore all the details she hand draws and the embellishments she puts on the frame. I made a commitment to myself to have these made for Jax until her fifth birthday and then for every milestone birthday thereafter. Hopefully she will make one for Jaxie’s wedding some day!

Check out the other chalkboards Terra has created for Jax here and here.


Jax’s guests went home with some pretty sweet party favors. I like to send the kids away with something a little more special than stickers and candy in their goodie bags.

This year’s theme made that simple. The party was held the weekend after the 4th of July so I scored on clearance items after the holiday. Each child took home a personalized patriotic box (pictured at the top) that included an Old Navy flag t-shirt, a tube of glow-sticks and a flag. They also got large bubble wands and star wands – everything purchased for a fraction of the regular price.

The kids were pretty happy with their loot but nothing can compare to last year’s party favor — I don’t think I’ll ever be able to top sending Jax’s friend’s home with a new pet.  I am still feeling pretty smug about that one.


Planning Jax’s birthday parties is something I look forward to every year. Like a crazy person, I start the brainstorming process months in advance. It’s so worth the time and effort I spend to see happiness like this. She had the time of her life, surrounded by the people loves most and having fun.

Thanks for tuning in these last few days! I hope you liked what you saw.



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