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Ugh – right now I am seething. I inadvertently left my car door unlocked over night and some really awesome person(s) took it upon themselves to rifle through my belongings. I first noticed my glove box open when I was positive I had not opened it for weeks, then I noticed the center console, the sunglass holder and all the storage compartments left wide open.

My bad for leaving it unlocked but who is to say they wouldn’t have broken windows to get what they wanted; which in this case wasn’t much – thankfully.

I’m especially irritated because they stole the backpack I use for Jax’s swim lessons – so they got her swim diaper, a pack of wipes and diapers, baby wash, her pool towel, six of her swim suits, my swim suit and her snack cup and sippy. They also took the Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses my husband gave me for our anniversary last year.

What creeps.

I particularly LOATHE thieves. I think there is a special place in hell for those who take what is not theirs – those who steal from honest people who make an honest living and work hard for the things they have.

The feeling of violation I feel is horrid. I feel invaded and disturbed that some lousy jackass or two or several opened my car door and put their filthy hands all over my things – touched Jax’s car seat and some of her clothes that were left in there and left the nastiness of their criminal deeds behind. I hate them for that – I hate them for thinking it is their right to take from me – to take from anybody! Despicable scum is the only way to describe these scoundrels. These sorry excuses for mankind. These thieves!

I am not new to being a victim of the violation of theft.

Years back, as I was pumping gas, some drug addicted imbecile jumped in my car and just drove away with it. I was left at the pump, still holding the nozzle, in total shock. Luckily, the idiot crossed paths with a dispatched officer and he took them on a two mile chase. Get this – he led a swarm of cops to his own home. I was not being harsh when I called him an idiot. Luckily, I got my car back within the hour but it creeped me out that such heinous riff-raff sat in my car – the car I’d saved up for! I immediately took my car for a wash and then went home and sanitized the steering wheel, floor mats and myself! Ugh!

A few years after that, my home was broken into and robbed. Totally ransacked. They left no room intact – I’m talking mattresses turned over, drawers dumped, contents of closets and cabinets strewn about. They walked away with my spare set of house/car keys and my trust in people. I never slept in that house again. My husband, who was just my boyfriend at the time, did not want me at that house anymore and I did not want to be there so I moved in with him and never set foot in that tainted abode again.

Crazy how the these selfish, thieving animals can change so much with their criminally bad choices. They can shatter a person’s sense of security and safety in minutes.

We move this week and it saddens me that our last weekend in this home, that I have loved so much, has been tainted by this act of gross violation.

I hope they enjoy the size 2T bikinis and the Disney Princess towel they scored.


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    Awww, sorry to hear that happened to you.


    • yaybaby

      Thanks! Some people are real poops!

  • Pink, Candy and Stilettos

    What an awful experience, I’m so sad that happened to you. I pray you feel a sense of calm and normalcy soon. Thieves do suck.

    • yaybaby

      Thank you! It is such an icky feeling to know a person with ill-intent was in your personal space.

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