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Last week my little family of three packed up and headed west to San Diego for the week. It was a much needed and long overdue vacation that included a trip to SeaWorld!

It was a special trip since Jax has never been to SeaWorld, plus it’s been years since I’ve been and even longer for Tim. Needless to say we were all excited! We could not have asked for better weather, 68 degrees and sunny and because we went mid-week the park wasn’t too crowded!

As soon as we arrived we beelined to Pineapple Pete’s Island Eats for lunch and a treat. I’d heard that the pineapple whip is a close match to the famed Dole Whip served at Disney and I was beyond thrilled that it is! Creamy, sweet and tart!

There was plenty for Jax to do and enjoy. She especially loved the Sesame Street Bay of Play area, perfect for toddlers and younger children. There she could get on all the rides and frolic in the splash pad.

We splurged a bit and purchased tickets to the Dolphin Encounter. This experience was truly amazing and one I will never forget. I remember visiting SeaWorld as a child and begging my dad to do this. The answer was always “no,” so this was a lifelong dream fulfilled.

Dolphins are extraordinary creatures and yes, they belong in the open ocean, but an experience like this brings awareness and education about these remarkable animals. For those reasons I welcomed this opportunity and I enthusiastically recommend it. It was a profound experience and one that literally brought tears of joy to my eyes. It felt majestic and surreal.

The dolphin we interacted with was a 45 year-old female Bottlenose named, Gracie. She was magnificent. Her eyes smiled and you could feel her happiness and see her love for the trainers. We were able to pet her, feed her and interact with her. She was eager for the attention and was rewarded frequently. I fell in love with Gracie. Jax was mesmerized, and it brought joy to my heart to see her excitement. Gracie’s trainer patiently answered all of our questions and we left the encounter with even greater love and appreciation for these extraordinary animals.

The Dolphin Encounter is a must when visiting SeaWorld, although next time we will do the Dolphin Interaction Program.

We had a great time exploring and learning about marine life while enjoying the fabulous San Diego weather. Jax was still a bit too short to ride on the roller coasters or Shipwreck Rapids (my favorite SeaWorld ride) but that gives us more incentive to visit again as soon as she hits a growth spurt! SeaWorld San Diego is gearing up to unveil several much anticipated, exciting new attractions this summer including: Orca Encounter – an inspiring and educational, behavior-based orca experience; Ocean Explorer – a three-acre realm combining aquariums, rides and digital technologies; and Electric Ocean- an end-of-day spectacle featuring lights, music and lots of energy.

Thank you SeaWorld San Diego for hosting my family. We had an incredible time and created memories we will cherish forever.



Disclaimer: I received complimentary admission for myself and my family as media guests of the park. All opinions within this post are entirely my own. I received no financial compensation for this post. 

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