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We moved over the weekend and I don’t think I have ever been more exhausted in my entire life. This was a tough change for me, mostly because I worried about how it would effect Jacquelyn. The house we left was  the home we brought her home too – it was the only home she has ever known in her year and a half, she knew it and it was comfortable for her.

I worried about the transition of being in a new place. And I was partly right to worry. She has been handling it like a boss, but she is a little clingier and whinier and more temperamental. As if that was needed from my super sassy gal. I am trying to keep her on her regular schedule – going to her activities, even though I would rather be at home organizing my boxed life. We’ve even been going out more and staying super busy doing fun things together so I can wear her out. The goal with t hat is to wear her out so that she doesn’t care that she is sleeping in a strange place. It’s been working – kinda. She won’t take a good nap during the day here at the new house so by the time bedtime rolls around, she is wiped. Then she wakes up earlier than usual and I am wiped from staying up late the night before unpacking! I am missing our usual old sleep-in super late days. I am hoping we will get back in to that routine.

I would really like to get back in to the swing of blogging regularly again. Sharing recipes and all. I have yet to even cook in this new house, besides Jax’s daily scrambled egg breakfast. Soon I will get back into the rhythm.


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