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For the past year Obon has been serving up some of the tastiest Japanese cuisine in the Valley. Living landlocked can limit great sushi options but Obon always comes through with the freshest fish, innovative rolls and excellent crudos.

If raw is your thing you can’t go wrong with the Yuzu Yellowtail Crudo. The fish is so fresh and the chilled broth is so refreshing, vibrant with citrus and ginger. There is excellent texture and flavor in this dish and if you love yellowtail, you won’t be disappointed.

Another excellent example of freshness is the Yuki Salmon. The fish is modestly dressed with thinly shaved white onion and bonito flake. The simplicity allows the excellent texture and taste of the fatty fish to really shine.

Obon also has a great selection of unique rolls. My favorite is the Monster Roll with softshell crab, tempura shrimp, cucumber, avocado, cream cheese, asparagus, spicy tuna, spicy mayo and rice pearls for added texture. This roll is huge and has a lot going on, but it’s all delicious and everything works well together. It’s a marvel to behold and devour.

Obon’s steamed buns are also a must! They come in pairs or as a trio and there are four options to choose from. Spam with spicy mayo, cucumber and kimchi; Crispy Soft-shell Crab with with a citrus dressing and red bell pepper; Bird with Crispy fried chicken, hot sauce, pickles and mayo; and Sweet Pork Belly with spicy mustard and pickle. I prefer the latter two but all are excellent!

The Chicken Teriyaki is fantastic and some of the best teriyaki I’ve had. I love it. The sauce is not overly sweet like some teriyaki sauces can be. Obon’s has a great savory, umami flavor and it’s addictive. The addition of mushrooms and Japanese veggies makes the dish very hearty and filling.

Save room for dessert because the Mochi is fantastic and so pretty! Strawberry and green tea mochi is served atop an artistically splayed orange with a caramelized apple slice. While the mochi is a delight, the star of the dessert is that apple. I could eat a plate of those for dessert and be happy!

Obon aims to please — it’s a stylish spot with a hip vibe, perfect for happy hour, GNO or date night. The food is consistently fresh and delicious and always served with a smile.

Obon is located in the Scottsdale Quarter, 15037 N Scottsdale Rd J-195, Scottsdale, AZ 85254.



Disclaimer: I enjoyed a meal at Obon free of charge in order to facilitate this post. All opinions are entirely my own. 

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