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Today Jax and I joined her friends and their mama’s at the Children’s Museum of Phoenix. I wasn’t sure if it would be good for a child her age but all the mommies rave about it so we joined the fun. It was a bust…literally. Jax busted her lip and bruised her eyebrow!

It wasn’t as museum-y as I thought – no exhibits per se, just lots of different areas for kids to play. It was really cute but most of the areas are geared for older toddlers and children. There was designated baby areas which we did enjoy and I got lots of DIY ideas for at-home play.

Back to my busted-up-baby. She still has the wobbles when she walks and she tends to get way ahead of herself; she also has a fondness for chasing balls.

At the museum she fixated on two golf balls which she alternated between clutching tightly to her chest and rolling them on the floor. A wayward ball got away from her and Jax ran after it – thing is, she can barely walk so running is a baaaad idea. She fell and her eyebrow was forcefully introduced to the corner of a wood platform. Not awesome. Very sad.

The wound on her lip was my fault and so I won’t be winning the Mother Of The Year Award anytime soon. At home Jax loves to play peek-a-boo by putting towels/clothes/blankets over her face…so I decided to cover her head with a blanket. Instead of pulling it off so she could hear me squeal peek-a-boo at her she decided to try to run (again with the running) away. This equation is a disaster:

New walker – the skill to run + dumb mama – the ability to see + falling over = BAD NEWS.

Jax was bleeding and hysterical and I got a little weepy too. No fun.

Needless to say our trip to the museum was memorable but for all the wrong reasons. I did have one moment of joy though – Jax took her first drink from a drinking fountain. It was cute and she wanted to do it over and over. That wonderful drinking fountain saved the day.

The Children’s Museum of Phoenix wasn’t all that bad and I fully intend to purchase a membership next summer so Jax and I can get out of the heat and play. By then she will surely be more stable on her feet and she can visit with her good friend the drinking fountain.

ImageWe spent a good 10 minutes at this fountain. Every time I tried walking away she’d screech for more. I was a sucker since I felt so bad about her wounds. Plus, I had to wait there until I found someone to take a photo.


We also loved this fun activity. Chutes made out of bottomless cups and pipes. Jax got a kick out of putting the balls through it. She may or may not have taken a couple of those balls home with her.



Sticking her tongue out helped her lift her leg up and into the crate. Next time you need to get in a milk crate give this technique a try.

Lunch with Mama cheered her up, especially since she got a few tastes of Dr. Pepper. A rare treat.

ImageJax with her souvenirs from the Children’s Museum of Phoenix: a bruised eyebrow, a bloody lip and two stolen golf balls.

How’s that for a play date?

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