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I’m sad because my daddy was sick on Christmas and my nose is runny!

I have been such a lazy blogger lately. And I seriously feel guilty about it. We’ll just chalk my lull in posting to the hectic holidays and a sick husband.

Poor guy went to urgent care on Christmas Eve – bronchitis – YUCK! Jax got pretty sniffly too, but it hasn’t escalated into much more than a runny nose. She is such a trooper! I managed to steer clear of the sickies! Hooray!

Here is a quick DIY “recipe” for natural vapor rub to soothe congestion without slathering on that petroleum based gunk. Good for babies, kids and adults alike!

DIY All-Natural Vapor Rub

1/2 Cup Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil
20 Drops Eucalyptus Essential Oil
20 Drops Lavender Essential Oil
10 Drops Peppermint Essential Oil

Mix it all together in a clean glass container with a lid. Rub on the chest and breathe in deeply. Instand relief from cruddy congestion.

The eucalyptus and peppermint help clear the sinuses and the lavender has a calming effect. Plus, the coconut oil is super moisturizing and nourishing to the skin!

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