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I’m not a healthy eater, I often choose convenience over nutrition, usually regretting my decisions later on. But there is a little spot in Tempe, right smack dab in the middle of the hustle and bustle of ASU (you, lucky devils) that is serving up the healthiest and some of the darn near tastiest food I have ever had. The Bodhi.

The word “bodhi” can be translated to “enlightenment” or “awakening” and there could really be no truer words when describing the food they are dishing out. All thoughtfully sourced and cooked with no added salt, sugar or fats, yet everything is  seasoned to perfection. Flavor bursts in every bite and the textures make the meal an adventure.

I had no idea healthy eating could be so epically flavorful. The restaurant is fast-casual style with a clean and bright vibe. You’ll likely find co-owner, Sasha behind the counter, putting together bowls or working the register. She is a true delight with one heck of a story, I encourage you to frequent The Bodhi, and get to know her – I guarantee you will be inspired.

On my first visit I ordered the Spicy Moroccan Bowl and it was so hearty and filling I was able to make two meals out of it – and it was just as delicious eaten cold the next day! It’s filled with grilled diced chicken, organic quinoa, sweet potato, onion, red pepper, garbanzo beans, harissa and lemon tahini. The Bodhi makes all their own sauces for their bowls and that lemon tahini is a gift straight from the heavens but the harissa is something otherworldly all together. It was complex in flavor, bold in heat and so good, Sasha could make a fortune if she bottled and sold it. Seriously, no written words could describe how delicious it is.

No health food joint would be complete without hummus and The Bodhi has a few varieties. All packed with flavor. My favorite was the spicy hummus made with almonds instead of chickpeas. It was smooth, and rich with an addictive tangy heat. I loved how uniquely delicious it was – it could make styrofoam taste great!

Sweet tooth will be satiated with the Sweet Rush options on the menu, including a tasty açaí bowl, tangy, sweet and full of crunch, the berry overnight oats, creamy and tart with a kiss of sweetness from the fresh berries and my favorite the Chocolate Coffee Overnight oats, decadent and rich sweetened with dates and loaded with chia seeds for an indulgence you can feel good about.

The Bodhi also has fresh pressed juices and caters to pretty much any diet, allergy and restriction out there. It’s a gem of a joint and I can only hope they expand to other locations across the Valley. Tempe is a haul for me, but a visit to The Bodhi is a trek I am willing to make again and again (although my fingers are crossed for expansion).

The Bodhi is located at 521 S. College Ave, Tempe, AZ 85281

Disclaimer: I enjoyed a complimentary meal at The Bodhi to help facilitate with this post. As usual, all opinions are entirely my own. 

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