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A few nights ago I ran out to grab dinner. Before I left I strapped Jax in her seat, handed her a clean sheet of paper and some markers and asked daddy to keep an ear out for the babe.

This is what I came home to:


I have often left my child alone with markers (they’re washable) and her own devices while I take a quick shower, run the vacuum, go to the bathroom (you know, the simplest tasks that are nearly impossible with a toddler underfoot). Coloring on herself is nothing new. Usually I find a scribbled-on belly and marked-up arms but she went all out on this occasion.

And daddy? Well, he was in his office (the next room); and after a few too many moments of suspicious quiet, he investigated. And what did he do when he discovered her mayhem? Grab a camera to document the moment, of course!

When I came home with grub in hand they were both so giddy; she was proud to show me her new look and daddy couldn’t wait to tell me he got pictures. Proof that we once had a green-bearded baby girl!

DSC_5028 DSC_5026 DSC_5029 DSC_5044 DSC_5035

And here, she’s got it right.


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