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Late last year OEB, a breakfast eatery out of Canada opened it’s first location in the U.S. Lucky for us, it’s in Scottsdale.

Our neighbors to the north certainly know how to do breakfast right as evident by the grub served up in this  casual and bright new hot spot. If you love to do brunch, you will love OEB!

Everything I enjoyed during my recent visit was delicious; but one dish stood out and I haven’t stopped thinking about it since — the Get Shorty Rib Breakfast Poutine. OMG! Poached eggs, duck fat-fried herb potatoes, cheese curds, Philly-style beef short-rib, bell peppers, red onions, mushrooms and brown butter hollandaise in one dish. It’s salty, and savory and meaty and so, so, so, SO GOOD. Those duck fat-fried potatoes are so much better than the plain fries you find in an ordinary poutine, they are divine, so crispy and addictive. The short ribs are tender and flavorful and that brown butter hollandaise is what my dreams are made of. The Get Shorty Poutine is a sinful dish but worth every single indulgent bite.

I was also very impressed with the Cluck Norris. It’s a chicken sandwich that will knock you out with tastiness. Hand pulled smoked chicken is mixed with pesto mayo topped with heirloom tomato and micro watercress with a dollop of cranberry jam on crusty artisan ciabatta. It’s a hearty sandwich with lots of flavor and so juicy and messy in the best possible way!

If you fancy a sweeter start to your day, OEB has you covered. The menu abounds with tasty sweets and treats, like crepes, waffles and even a French Toast Trifle. I opted for the Banana Cream Pie French Toast and was wowed when it arrived. It wasn’t quite as sweet as I thought it would be but it was amazing. Soft Brioche bread, banana cream, fresh banana slices, toasted almonds, and freshly whipped cream piled and layered into a concoction meat for sharing, although you may not want to!

I was very impressed with all that OEB has to offer. The chef-driven menu is fun and creatively delicious dishes offering something that will bring smiles all around. The vibe is friendly and bright and will practically guarantees a great day.

Thank you, Canada for giving us OEB!

OEB is located at 17757 N Scottsdale Rd #103, Scottsdale, AZ 85255

I enjoyed our meal at OEB free of charge in exchange for this post. As usual all opinions are entirely my own. 

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