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Bed time is story time at our house and it can be a struggle. Some nights Jax would rather watch a show on her iPad, which we are working hard to minimize by enticing her with fun stories and books. The plan is working. Every night Jax has the responsibility of picking out the book she wants as part of her nightly routine. It’s usually the same two books over and over so I am always on the look out for new books to keep her engaged.

Enter Up Up Up by Phoebe Fox, a silly tale about a group of animal friends piling in to an elevator to get to a party at the top of their building. The story is told mostly through illustrations and simple words making this a great book for preschool children.  Jax got a kick out of anticipating which animal would be up next. This would be a fantastic book for a really young child learning animal sounds.

Kudos to illustrator, Michael Hale for the stunning, hand drawn images that give the pages a classic, almost vintage look. The details on the page keep Jax mesmerized and we enjoy playing a rendition of “I spy” with every page turned.

Up Up Up was published by Southwest Human Development, one of the nation’s largest nonprofits dedicated to early literacy and childhood development.

Proceeds from the sale of Up Up Up support early literacy programs. Southwest Human Development will donate a book to a child in need using a Buy One, Give One model.


Disclaimer: I was sent a free copy of this book to help facilitate this write up. All opinions are entirely my own. 

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