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IMG_5454Maybe two picture laden posts about Easter 2014 is a bit much, however these pictures of my little chick are just too cute not to share.

Saturday we went to an Easter party/egg hunt hosted by the family of one of Jacquelyn’s besties. She scored on the loot!

IMG_5469Jax was very protective of her treasured eggs! And she collected so many that she had to use her hat to carry some.


IMG_5482In addition to finding eggs, Miss Jax also colored them. This was an activity I had opted not to do at our house because I thought she was too young. I am so glad she was able to do it at the party because she loved it! I should never, ever underestimate this girl – she shocks me every day! She didn’t even tip the cups of dye over and only tried to drink it once.

IMG_5474Then the Easter Bunny showed up and again, this girl left me speechless. That happy face is a lot different from this one:


IMG_5476She loved this bunny. I personally thought he looked much creepier than the other one!

IMG_5479She even loved up on him with hugs and snuggles. Such a sweet girl.

IMG_5501It was a very warm day so after t he party we went to the splash pad to cool down in the water.

This picture is seriously cracking me up. Look how she is shoving out that belly! Posturing for position at the splash pad. My girl!

IMG_5492Little boy better check himself! He’s invading Jax’s space.

IMG_5509What a face! Love this chick.






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