In Dining Out

The Valley’s food truck community is awesome with many rigs rivaling some of the best brick and mortar eateries in town. A couple weeks ago I was treated to the cheesy decadence of Chef Wade’s Mac & Cheese and I have been stalking the truck ever since.

Seriously people, if you see this truck driving down the highway – FOLLOW IT and be prepared to have your mind blown with some of the tastiest, creamiest most delicious mac and cheese you will ever eat. In dozens of flavor combinations; like Southwest (my favorite) with green chili, tomato and smoked pork with tangy BBQ sauce, and the  Nawlin’s with andouille sausage, shrimp and a kick of Cajun spice. That’s just a small smattering of the offerings, check out the menu here.

The weather is amazing so find where Chef Wade’s Mac & Cheese will be next and go indulge! And consider a mac & cheese bar for your catering needs, I guarantee your guests will rave.

You can find Chef Wade’s Mac & Cheese schedule on Facebook. Check it out, I promise your mac & cheesiest dreams will come true.

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