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bam!Early last Friday morning I woke up to a very sick baby. The eruptions and explosions were frequent throughout much of the day – what a mess! I did half dozen loads of laundry and kept the disinfectant wipes handy. Between eruptions, my sweet sick girl laughed and happily played, you would never even know she was going to be sick, until it was too late. By late afternoon there was nothing left and she was loads better. On Saturday she was good as new, but we cancelled our weekend plans and opted for  a couple relaxing days to ensure she was completely better.

Then early this morning I woke up with a rumbling tummy, terrible cramps and convulsive chills. My love bug gave me her sick bug and I spent the entire day in bed, but unlike my little trooper, I writhed and whined and cried in my misery.

BOOM! That nasty bug hit hard and fast and I am down for the count. No fun!

I’m going to crawl back in to bed now, hoping I recover as quickly as Jax did.

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