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Jax is 3To My Sweet Jacquelyn,

You are three today. THREE! How did this happen? I feel a tinge in my heart when I think about it. Your babyhood is but a memory, your toddlerhood is fleeting, you are a little girl now.
Where has the time gone?
Today I am silently and selfishly mourning your sweet babyness. But more importantly I am celebrating you!
Everything about you!
Just look at this little being you have become. You are THREE! You are sassy and relentless. You know what you want. You are determined and stubborn. You are outgoing and talkative. You are bright and inquisitive. You are naughty to the core but the sweetest girl I know. You are gorgeous through and through. You are everything I dreamed you would be and so much more. And best of all you are healthy and happy.
So happy.
Your happiness gives me reassurance that I am doing something right. Thank you for that, my sweet bug. Thank you for your warmth and happiness. I need it every day. And you are never selfish with your smiles and laughs.
You are so special. I’m partial and biased, of course, but you truly are. You shine, baby girl.
My birthday promise to you is that I will be there for you always, cheering you on, wiping your tears, celebrating your victories, teaching you, guiding you, building you back up when life pushes you down and loving you wholly and unconditionally. I will do all of that and more for you because I am your mama and you will always be my baby. You have given me three years of awesome and your very existence is proof that dreams come true and prayers are answered.
Happy birthday, Jacquelyn Gloria Elaine! Shine, baby, shine!
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  • Jasmine

    What a lovely sentiment for your little girl. xo to you both on this special day.

  • jill

    Beautiful!! Brougg tears to my eyes!!!

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