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There’s this girl that I know. 

She’s a little bit nuts. 

She doesn’t like to wear clothes. At least not where they are intended. 

She puts her head through the leg holes of her shorts. And wears underwear around her neck.

She’s cool like that. 

This girl likes to play drums in the buff. 

She refuses to eat all day long and then gobbles down her dinner in her bed-time bath. 

She grunts her desires and dislikes and sometimes it’s hard to decipher the difference. 

This girl likes to sleep late and wake me up with a big toothy grin and a finger up my nose. 

She can blow 10-minute raspberries. Can you do that?

This girl has mastered the art of button pushing. Both literally and figuratively. 

She is too smart for her own good…or mine. 

This girl can accessorize like nobody’s business. 

She loves cats. 

And green beans. 

This girl likes to scream. Loudly. Alot. 

She likes to make you laugh. 

She loves to dance. 

And swim. 

And sing. 

This girl defines sass. 

She frustrates me to the point of tears.

And then she’ll smile and everything is right in the world again. 

This girl is naughty. She will likely spend the majority of her childhood in time out. 

She is my dream come true. 

She makes me happier than I have ever been. 

She makes me love more than I ever thought possible. 

She makes me the luckiest woman alive. 

This girl is mine. 




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