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My buggy wasn’t feeling herself today, in fact, she’s been a little off the past few days.

She is generally a happy girl, even when she’s up to her mischievous antics. Most days, in between tantrums she’s all smiles and cuddles for mommy and daddy and anyone interested in getting some Jax love. But lately she’s been excessively clingy and it’s hard to divert her from whining. She hasn’t been sleeping that great and is refusing naps – oh, brother! Eating doesn’t interest her much either, when once she loved most all food we gave her, now we’re lucky if she takes a few bites of whatever we offer.  She has, however been nursing like it’s her job. Oh, and she likes her baby snacks and baby food pouches again. Good thing I have a few left.

Today she had a low fever. She woke up wanting nothing to do with me. Instead she snuggled up to her sleeping daddy and nuzzled and grunted at him until he woke up to love on her. She then persisted in her grunting until he got up with her in tow.

When I tried to take over tears ensued. So daddy stayed with her. He noticed she was warm so the bad guy (me) took her temperature and sure enough, it was up.

She had some Motrin and the fever went away but she remained clingy (with daddy) and super whiney (with me). I can see swollen gums so I’m chalking this up to teething, but if the fever persists I will take her in to see her pediatrician – I hate going there! The only other times she’s been sick was after a trip to his office. Dang those germs.

Update: GG and Auntie Sarah came over later in the day and Miss Jax was all giggles and silliness for them. I had just been lamenting about my melancholy baby to my mom  — then low-and-behold the irritable child suddenly became her usual, goofy, loud, funny, cuddly, wonderful self. She made a fibber out of me.

That bugger! I think she was lapping up all the love and extra affection showered upon her by daddy and the nursing on demand I was allowing!

Is it possible for a toddler of 15 months to fake a fever?

Wouldn’t put it past my little sassafrass!

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