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jax_rideOver the weekend my little family took a trip to the Arizona Renaissance Festival. I have missed the past few years but up until then I went every year with my mom, it was a first for Jacquelyn and daddy.

They both LOVED it! I did too. We couldn’t really sit and watch the shows and skits because Miss Jax is an impatient child, and loud to boot. So we just gorged and took in all the sights…and what a sight! A spectacle really.

I’m hoping we make a family tradition out of the Renaissance Festival. It’s just too much fun not to!


Saturday, March 8, the day we went to the Ren Fest marked the 19 year anniversary of my husband’s mom’s passing from cancer. Jax and her daddy were randomly escorted to this boat on the ride. Each boat had a name, their’s was called “Lucrezia” (you can see it on the door). “Lucrecia” is my husband’s beloved mother’s name. I take this coincidence as a sign that Jax’s Grandma “Lucky” is smiling down on all of us from Heaven.

friend1My Jacquelyn made a friend with this reveler dressed in cosplay. Her name was also Jacquelyn and the two of them ran around the grassy knoll, being silly and having fun. I owe this girl! She was like a babysitter while we were there!

friend2Double J’s!

play2Stepping on her shoelaces as she tries to get over the wall! Needless to say she didn’t make it over…but she did get smart and went around.

play1She was chasing this boy. She likes older men. Look at her leaning and trying to play it cool. Sly fox!

crowdSheesh, was it crowded! The weather was perfect, a breezy 75 degrees and blue sky for days. Arizona in the spring can’t be beat.

queenswingmeat_stickMmmm…meat on a stick.

flip_offAnd lastly folks, I leave you with this! Something must have ticked my child off. I guess she was tired of dadarazzi taking her picture all day long. She had finally had enough and threw him the bird. The finger and the face say it all.

This picture is killing me!



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