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Hours after my surgery with the best results.

So that “fractured wrist” that wasn’t fractured is still causing a ruckus in my life. Instead of a break, I have a cyst.

A ganglion cyst. Never heard of such a thing, but apparently they are pretty common. They don’t present problems to half of those who have them…too bad I’m unfortunate enough to fall in the other half. Boo-stinkin’-hoo!

I posted this woe on Facebook and low and behold – a half dozen friends of mine have had or currently have this same malady! And almost all of them had to have it surgically removed. UGH!

The hand surgeon I saw mentioned surgical removal as an option but for now my treatment plan includes steroids and a wrist immobilizer. I really don’t want  to have surgery, not that most people want to (unless it involves a new nose or boobies). I have seriously had my fair share of operations.

  • Foot/leg surgery when I was in third grade. Twice. (I was the coolest kid in school, double casted and in a wheelchair, all the other kids fought for turns to push me around).
  • As a senior in high school I was practically gutted due to an intestinal abnormality and raging infection. I spent two weeks in the hospital and missed out on senior year spring break shenanigans.
  • In my early twenties I had meniscus repair.
  • In my late twenties I had a complete ACL repair.
  • And the joy of motherhood was bestowed upon me via c-section.

Needless to say, I am done with scalpels and anesthesia and counting backward from 10 before the world disappears and I wake up sliced, diced and stitched back together. DONE!

To hell with you ganglion cyst! Here’s to hoping the current treatment plan is a success. No time for operations when there are diapers to be changed, kisses to give and a toddler to cuddle and chase.

My whiney rant is over but I would like to know if any of you out there have heard of this cyst or had one? What was your treatment and/or outcome?

Loopy after ACL surgery in 2009.

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  • Pink, Candy and Stilettos

    WOW! Just read both posts, so sorry to hear that you’re going through this, it sounds tough. I hope the treatment works out for you.

    • yaybaby

      Thanks. The family is on the mend and my wrist is feeling good. I have much more mobility today and mild discomfort.

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