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October is the fifth month we’ve received our Citrus Lane box. I reviewed our first and second boxes but skipped posting about our third and fourth (click here and here for previous reviews).

The past two months were somewhat disappointing, and I wasn’t inspired to write about them, but the October box came with redemption in the form of bath toys and a tambourine! This box couldn’t have been better suited for Miss Jax, she lives for bath-time and music…and boob, but I digress.

Hooray – because I was considering cancelling.

We received:

Toddler Tambourine from Hohner Kids. It’s super cute and smartly designed for the littles – no sharp metal discs on the outside. It’s sized just right for chubby little hands and best of all the sound is light and lilting instead of harsh and crashing. The tambourine retails on the Hohner website for $12. Fun Fact: Hohner created the first harmonica 150 years ago!

Scrubble from Boon. Little egg-y-shaped, squirty bath toys, also perfectly sized for toddler hands. These toys unscrew to fill with water and are dishwasher safe. Cool! The tops feature fun textures in bright colors. Scrubbles retail for $11.99 on

Cool It Buddy Instant Cold Pack from Me4KidzNot gonna lie, kinda disappointed with this, but only because we’ve received it from Citrus Lane before. I wasn’t thrilled to receive a duplicate product when part of the fun of these monthly boxes is to try out something new. Oh, well, you never have a cold pack handy when you need one and now we have several. A pack of two retails for $2.99 on the Me4Kidz website.

Little Yums from Plum Organics. Eh. Jax doesn’t love baby/toddler snacks unless she steals it from another baby or toddler. Also, I find it weird that Citrus Lane only includes one snack in the box. I wish they’d send a few or at least one in a couple different flavors so you can gauge if your kiddo will like it. When I gave Jax her snack she dropped it on the ground before she had a second bite. Since toddler snacks are hit or miss with her I won’t buy these unless i know for sure if she likes them.

The box also included a free three-month digital subscription to Babybug Magazine. I have yet to take advantage of the offer and I am not sure if I will. I myself use a reader but I want Jax to grow up feeling and flipping pages of actual books and magazines. There will be time for downloading later, for now I want her to appreciate pages. I may download it and and save for later, as that is an option with the offer. It may come in handy for travel instead of packing bulky board books. Well, there ya go I just talked myself in to it. Ha!

Another plus of the October box is the support Citrus Lane showed for two great causes: the box decor was pink instead of the usual yellow in support of Breast Cancer Awareness and it also had mustache shapes perforated into the bottom in honor of Men’s Health Awareness Month in November.

Nice job, Citrus Lane.

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