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I'm baaaack!

I’m baaaack!

I’d like to take a moment to welcome myself back from my blog hiatus. It’s been a long time since I last posted here. And I have no excuse other than laziness and lack of motivation – which are not excuses at all. So here I am.

Lots has happened around these parts since I’ve been gone. The worst being my entire household recycled a nasty bug that produced alarming amounts of phlegm and horrific barking coughs that kept sleep at bay – for weeks on end. Jax ended up with croup, which was kinda scary and my husband suffered through a nasty bout of bronchitis. I managed to escape the worst of it with nothing more than a low fever and a persistent sore throat.

In more exciting news – my sweet, beautiful, no-longer-a-baby girl started preschool.

Jax is a little unsure about this preschool business.

Jax is a little unsure about this preschool business.


For the past couple years Miss Jax has been my constant daytime companion, always up in my business, smothering me with kisses, snuggles and constant demands… and now, one day a week she leaves my side and the house for a full day.

I did a fair share of research and networking to find a preschool that best suited our desires and needs for Jax. I toured a few and spoke to dozens. The biggest hinderance in my search was scheduling. I only wanted Jax to start off going to preschool one day a week and almost all the schools I spoke to have a two day minimum. Our plan is to transition to two days in a few months but for now, Jax’s daddy and I think one day a week is best for us all and works well with Jax’s activity schedule.

Another requirement was curriculum – we didn’t want daycare, there is no reason for that since I stay home with Jax. Our ideal preschool needed to enrich the day with lessons and physical activities and introduce foreign language.

The school we chose meets our needs and exceeds expectations. Jax’s day in preschool is filled with fun, engaging, age-appropriate learning opportunities exposing her to math skills, science, language arts, reading, Spanish, sign language, etiquette, and yoga.

I’m excited for her! She has only gone twice — the first day was a shorter, trial day and tears were minimal. But last week was her first full-day and tears were abundant. The day started off grand – she woke up bright-eyed, ready for her new adventure, stayed brave and confident during our drive to school and marched with head held high to her classroom.  Her bravery wavered a bit when she saw her classmates all seated on the floor but her very kind teacher invited her to sit on her lap for story time and Jax happily indulged her.

Then a little pre-school creep crushed her spirit by telling her not to look at him. My Jax is a head-strong, spirited, affectionate little girl and that little boy’s unkind words really hurt her feelings on a big day when she was doing her best to make mommy and daddy proud with her courage.

Oh, I know kids will be kids and this is a class of preschoolers but I really wanted to pinch that kid! It was hard scene to witness when I was feeling a little sad myself about my first full day without my baby girl.

I’m sure the next few drop-offs will be emotional for us both but I know soon the tears will come at the end of the day when I pick her up and she doesn’t want to leave the fun.

My sweet little Jax, a preschool girl. It’s bittersweet. I miss and ache for her silly sweetness while she is away but oh, the joys of using the bathroom in total privacy. And tidying up the house without that little person making a mess in my wake.

It’s all about adjusting and we will all do just fine.

Way too cool for school.

Way too cool for school.

On our way to her first day of school.

On our way to her first day of school.

I had no idea packing my child's lunch would be so much fun.

I had no idea packing my child’s lunch would be so much fun.

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