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Let me tell you about my day. It stunk. Really bad. And it sucked for all in my household too. Woe is us.

Miss Jacquelyn has been under the weather since Friday, which explains her meltdown. Runny nose, extra whiney, super clingy, etc. I attributed it to teething…until daddy started feeling lousy too.

When we woke up in the morning the hubs was like the walking dead, Jax had sicky eyes and dried snot on her face and my wrist ached. The hubs stayed in bed and Jax and I set about our day, running some errands.

Our outing turned out pretty crappy (haha) and when we got home I noticed my wrist was starting to hurt pretty bad. The pain increased rapidly until I pretty much lost use of my hand. Every movement of my right arm sent searing pain from my fingertips to my shoulder.

And wouldn’t you know it? Jax became incessantly whiney and boogers coated the lower half of her face. I had a hard time picking her up to soothe and clean her. I didn’t even have the strength in my hand to squeeze the bulb of the aspirator.

I knew something was wrong so I made a doctor’s appointment to see my PCP. Earliest he could see me was the next afternoon. No way could I wait that long with the pain I was in. Plus, I knew I’d need an x-ray. So off to urgent care I would go.

But first I wanted to get Jax to nap and I wanted a snooze myself, in I’d wake-up refreshed and pain-free. Miss Jax was restless, and congested and had no plans to sleep. Then I heard my phone ringing so I just decided to get up and call nap-time a bust.

The call was from my sweet friend Melanie…who was waiting for me with her baby at a restaurant for our lunch date. I called her back while in my underwear standing in my living room…35 minutes from our intended meeting place.

Oh, balls! I had forgotten to tell her my house needed to be quarantined and I couldn’t make it. Awesome…I had stood up a dear friend and her baby.

So my child was drowning in snot, my husband was coughing his lungs out, my wrist/hand/arm hurt so bad I was tearing up, and my friend had just discovered that I’m a flaky jackass. I felt crappy, quite literally.

Fast forward to my urgent care visit. The doc didn’t think my wrist could be broken, because bones don’t break themselves while you sleep. She ordered an x-ray anyway and came back baffled because the film showed a possible fracture. My wrist was put in a temporary splint with my thumb completely immobilized and I was sent home with narcotics and instructions to see a hand surgeon.

An hour later the doc called back and to say “just kidding about the fracture.”

Apparently the radiologist disagreed with that diagnosis but did however see a concerning abnormality that needs to be looked out. So in this miserable splint I stay until I can get in to see the hand surgeon.

I forgot to mention that this is my right hand and I am right handed. My dominate hand is pretty much out of commission so picking up my sick baby is pretty much impossible. This could get interesting.

Oh, yeah – the day also boasted a flat tire and a lost insurance card and plenty of bad attitudes from me, the hubs and Miss Jax, but hey, now I have vicodin, so interesting might be an understatement.

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