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My life forever changed today! I got a Shark Sonic Duo floor cleaner a few weeks ago and it’s been hanging out, neglected in my laundry room since.

Well, today I took it for a sonic spin and I am quite impressed (and a little disgusted at how filthy my floors were). I guess it’s to be expected, living in the dusty desert in a house without an inch of carpet, inhabited by a toddler who insists on removing the lid from every cup she gets her hands on.


But no more – the Shark Sonic Duo is heaven-sent. The Sonic Duo boasts 1,000 scrubs per minute so I was able to clean the floors in the entire house in less than an hour. Then my husband and I did the white sock test and…WOW – clean socks!

This never happens, not after I Swiffer Wet Jet, not after a visit from our housekeeper – NEVER. There is almost always a little dirt left behind. But not with the Sonic Duo.

The directions were simple to follow. The machine is extremely lightweight and very easy to maneuver it practically works itself.

Another plus is that it runs quiet, so I will be able to get the floors clean while Miss Jax naps and not have to worry about waking her up. Love that! Also, you control the spray of the cleaning solution and with the constant, heavy duty scrubbing you don’t need much, so the floors dry quickly!

Let me recap – The Shark Sonic Duo spotlessly cleaned my hopeless hard floors (it cleans carpet too). It’s lightweight. Easy to use. Quiet. And your clean, wet floors will dry fast! It is life-changing.

Seriously, peeps, drop the mop and invest in a Shark Sonic Duo floor cleaner.

Here, let me gross you out with this, even I’m a bit embarrassed to show you just how gross my floors were.


Ew, right? That was after ONE room. Luckily, it came with several reusable pads and some special cleaning products to boot!

I can’t vouch for how well it works on carpet but this machine is seriously a must for any home with tile and hard wood. Or any home with young, messy children, or children in general. Really, it’s a must for any home.

This is not a sponsored post. I decided to write about the Shark Sonic Duo all on my own because it is that awesome. And awesomeness like this should be shared.


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