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We’re loving the weather lately! Usually, by mid-May the temps outside are blazing and jaunts outside must be kept brief to avoid keeling over from heat stroke. But over the past few days there has been a nice and constant breeze blowing through, keeping the scorch at bay.

In fact, I was cold sitting on a shaded patio during Mother’s Day brunch. Shivering and covered in goosebumps while outside…in Phoenix…in May! That NEVER happens.

Anyways, we’ve been taking advantage of these fleeting days of tolerable temperatures. Jax begs to go outside all day long and I have no choice but to oblige because soon we will be holed up in air-conditioning and won’t emerge until mid-October.

We’re enjoying the fresh air before it gets so hot it singes our lungs! And what goes better with outdoor play than a few scoops of “keem.”


Jax loves her ice cream set…or as she calls it “keem.” She carries the “keem” with her every where and refuses to put them down. 


Not even when she face plants and needs her hands to get back up! “Hold on to that ‘keem’, Jax!”



She also loves her Easter basket and has subbed it for her many purses. It makes a wonderful vessel in which to transport her “keem.”


When we’re done with “keem” and Easter baskets we move on to naked climbing. Outdoor fun at it’s funnest! 

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  • Tressa

    keem for cream, how cute! what camera do you use?

    • Yay Baby!

      Hi Tressa, I use a Canon Rebel but my husband, who shoots some of my, photos uses a Nikon D-800.

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