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Last month my sweet Jacquelyn turned five! Birthdays are a pretty big deal in our home so with a little help from Oriental Trading Company (and my OCD tendencies for cute details) I put together the SWEETEST party I could dream up.

This is the first year Jax picked her own theme and I ran with it. Check out the sweet details.

As per tradition, I had a custom chalkboard sign made by Terra at TMG Designs. She has been creating these chalkboards for Jax since her 2nd birthday (1st birthday was from another artist – so glad we found Terra).  I committed to having these made until Jax’s 5th birthday, so this would be the last one, however I love these signs so much I may order them until Jax turns 10. They are beautiful and Terra is so creative and talented. The signs have been a fun conversation piece and focal point at all of Jax’s birthday parties.

I wish I could take credit for these giant lollipops because they were genius…and positively adorable. I borrowed them from Jax’s dance school who used them as props for a Willy Wonka performance. One of the dance moms made them using pool noodles, colored duct tape, cello wrap and PVC pipes. One of my biggest pieces of advice for entertaining is to tap all resources. Borrowing these pieces saved me time and money. I’ll take it!

Mantles are a huge focal point in a home so if you have one make the most of it! I used my favorite party decor short cut by wrapping up a piece of artwork we have over our mantel with festive paper and adding a few trinkets to match the theme.

Here is my moment of clever genius! I emptied out boxes of movie candy (purchased from the dollar store) and taped the boxes to the wall. The result was pretty cute. I put the candy from the boxes in festive party bowls and placed on the tables and also put some in treat bags so guests could take home. My dollar store investment of about $25 served a triple purpose – decor, snacks and favors.

As usual Cathy’s Cookie Creations nailed it with her sweet talent. I have been using Cathy for years now and she never fails to wow me with what she comes up with. I tell her the theme and she takes it from there. This year she did Jax’s cake and cookie favors! I ADORE how cute they turned out – and delicious too.

If you have followed me for awhile or have been to one of Jax’s other parties you know I take party favors seriously. Guests take time out of their busy days to celebrate with you and your child, usually bearing gifts; so I prefer to thank them by sending them on their way with favors beyond the normal pencils, stickers, cheap plastic toys. I know everyone has their own budget to stick to, but personally I prefer to spend a little more on favors than I would on other aspects of a party. One way I do that is by borrowing or making my own decor so I can afford nice party favors. It’s just something I like to do for any parties I throw.

This year I partnered with Oriental Trading Company for some of the party favors. They have such a HUGE selection of items for parties of any theme you can think of! Best of all it is affordable.

I ordered two boxes of these Sweet Treat Stress Toys to give out to the kids and they were a big hit. They come in a dozen and that was plenty for each kid to have one plus extras to scatter around on tables for additional decor.

Since the party was a pool party I also ordered these Inflatable Donuts. I blew them up and tossed  them into the pool to help carry the theme outdoors and give the kids something to splash around with. When everyone was out of the pool I let each child take a donut home!

Another favor were these water bottles I filled with candy and adorned with a custom label.

The kids got to take home their loot in these cool, brightly colored Messenger Totes also from Oriental Trading Company. I know the parents appreciated their kids receiving useful, practical favors that are both fun and functional!

The biggest treat for all and the highlight of Jax’s Sweet Shop party was a visit from the Scookie Bar Food Truck! Arizona folks, do you know about the Scookie Bar?!? They serve up freshly baked cookies, hot out of the oven and top them with huge scoops of ice cream and a variety of toppings. They are AMAZING, the best dessert you will ever have and perfect to indulge in at a party!  Folks, hire them for your next event or at least stalk them on the streets and get yourself a Scookie.

It’s good to be 5! Jax had an amazing birthday celebration and I know this will be one she remembers forever. She is at the age where she understands things and childhood is truly magical. I just love seeing the joy on her face in these photos.



Disclaimer: I partnered with Oriental Trading Company on this post and received some of the items mentioned above free of charge. All opinions within this post are entirely my own. 

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