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She’s not quite 16 months old but we’re going to give potty training a try. Jax seems more than ready and wants so badly to be a big girl and do everything herself. She is very interested when mommy is on the potty, tries to inspect what’s going on and is very inquisitive. She also pulls at her diaper when she’s wet and gives us plenty of signals when she’s relieving herself. So we’re giving it a go.

I’ve read some parents start as early as 6 months and have their child diaper-free at a year. WOW! That is aggressive. We’re not going to push it or rush it, we’ll take it one step at a time at her pace. I bought a potty last night and she’s so excited. It sings and lights up and she already loves to sit on it.

Right now her potty is in the living room so she can get used to it and not be afraid of it. We’ll move it to the bathroom over the weekend. My plan is to set her on the potty without a diaper every time I go to the bathroom and whenever she makes her poop faces.

I don’t have any goals or expectations on when she should be diaper-free, we’re just testing the waters (pun intended).

Wish us luck!


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