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ImageI am so deeply saddened by the loss of 19 firefighters this past Sunday. I really can’t stop thinking about it. It is so terrible that these men lost their lives in the service of others. True heroes in my book, super heroes.

The pain their families must be feeling is unfathomable to me. I was reading the list of names of the fallen and saw that the oldest one was only 43 years-old, the youngest 21 years. 21 years! This young man had barely began to live and there he was selflessly risking life and limb for strangers, for land and for property.

I am tearing up as I type this, and truly I vowed for my blog to be a happy place always, but I feel dedication and selflessness such as what these 19 super men displayed deserves all the recognition and honor it can get. I have never been to Yarnell, nor did I know any one of the firefighters, but I am a proud, born and bred Arizonan and I have a platform with this blog so I felt it is my duty to recognize their sacrifice.

I found this article from a local news station that has a few links with information on how to help the community of Yarnell, AZ during this tragic time and/or how to help the survivors of these 19 brave souls. I also found this link from the National Fallen Firefighters Fund. And here is a Facebook page where you can express condolences, offer support and receive updates and information.

This is a sad, sad time for Arizonans and Americans, alike. Even if you don’t live in Arizona or have never even been, I hope you’ll support these men and their families any way you can – through donations or prayer.

Pray for all those men and women who risk their lives in the service of other.

Thank you.

Image courtesy of the In Memory Of The Prescott Arizona Wildland Firefighters 6/30/2013 Facebook page. 

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  • fashionistamomma

    I love that you took the time to show appreciation for the fallen men. Your daughter is precious and I love your blog. I nominated you for a Leibster award. check out my blog to see 🙂

    • yaybaby

      That is so awesome! Thank you for the nomination. I will check it out.

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