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ImageMom Mail Exchange. Have you heard of it? Are you already participating? If you haven’t, and you’re not, then you definitely want to read on.

Remember when you were a kid and getting a piece of mail with your name on it was the most exciting thing…ever? And now as an adult checking the mail isn’t so fun because it’s usually only bills, bills, junk and bills?

Well, Mom Mail Exchange guarantees you at least one day of fun mail every month — Hooray!

MME pairs up mommies with other mommies to share their favorite items with each other. You get a smattering of goodies and a new friend every month. Then the next month you get assigned a new mommy to exchange with. The only rule is that you don’t spend more than $30 (including shipping) per month, so it’s fun and affordable too! Read more about MME here.

Cool, huh? Such a genius idea. I wish it was mine.

There is still time to get paired up with a mom for November. The deadline to sign up is October 28. You’ll get your partner by November 1 and then you take it from there!

October was my first month participating and it was so fun picking out fun items for my assigned mommy partner, Julie from The Blog Dalia. It was such a joy to get to “know” her via email and open up the package of goodies she thoughtfully picked for me. LOVED it all. I’m definitely keeping in touch with her even though our October exchange is over.

All mommies in the USA and Canada are welcomed to participate. I’m so looking forward to getting partnered up again in November! Hurry up and get your name in, I mean, come on, who doesn’t need a new friend and who wouldn’t want a monthly box of surprises?

Click here to email Ursula at MME and get registered for November. Or copy her email addy here: And don’t forget to follow MME on Instagram for reminders and giveaways!

Happy mailing!


My awesome Mom Mail from my new friend. Thanks Miss Julie!

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  • Julie

    I’m so glad you like everything! Your box was awesome, and I am loving that body butter so much!

  • Ursula

    You are so sweet Mama! Thank you for such for all of your kind words and for a lovely post about MME : )

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