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Today is Grandma Gloria’s birthday. That’s my mama and Jax’s GG.

Jax was named after her – Jacquelyn Gloria Elaine (Elaine is in honor of my husband’s mother who loves Jax from Heaven).

Jax adores her GG, squeals every time she sees her. Just the other day our squealing Jackaroo ignored her daddy, pushing past him to get to her grandma. Daddy was a little miffed but GG and Jax were perfectly thrilled to be together.

GG lets Jax eat candy and cookies and get really dirty and sings her Mexican nursery rhymes about old men with no pants.

GG was asked not to come to the hospital when Jax was born (because we wanted an intimate birth experience) but that stubborn lady came anyway. And we were so thankful she ignored our request because all three of us needed her. We will always need her.

Mom, we love you so much and appreciate everything you do for us. Have a wonderful birthday.


Angel, Tim & Jax

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