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Isn’t she exquisite? I made her. She is mine. And today she is four.

Happy birthday, you gorgeous girl. You radiate so much beauty and happiness I know you are destined for something truly special. If I could slow down time I would do it in a heartbeat — just to have more time to have you to myself, to marvel at your splendor, to call you all my own; but on the flip-side I can’t wait to see where you will go, who you will be, what you will do.


How is that even possible? It seems like just last week I was lamenting your delay in entering this world. It was hot and I was huge and you were stubborn. You still are and I love it. I love your fire. I love your sass. Most of all I love you. I love you the best and I love you the most.

Always know how special you are. Always know how happy you make me and your daddy. Always know you can and will do amazing things. Always know I am trying my best to be the mama you deserve and every day I try even harder. And always know I will be by your side, in your heart and a part of your soul guiding your way, cheering you on.

Happy four years old, Jacquelyn Gloria Elaine Fuchs.

Baby love, you take my breath away. Shine sweet girl, shine, it’s what you do best.


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