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Today I was looking through photo files with Jax on my lap. When I came upon the one above   my eardrums were assaulted with the shrill sound of toddler joy.

“Mommy, I dipped Cinnamon,” she squealed in delight.

I was immediately transported to that moment a few months ago and a feeling I know so well. All mother’s of toddlers know it, it’s a conflicted feeling –  part annoyance, part frustration and part disbelief mixed with an explosive need to crack up and grab a camera.

Which I did.

Which encouraged her.

Just look at the pride on her face.

“Look what I did, mommy!”

That same pride returned to her face as soon as she saw this picture. Then she hopped off my lap and asked for some orange juice while digging through her toy box looking for Cinnamon.

Silly girl.

(yes, my daughter named her Barbie Cinnamon)

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