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There is much to rave about when when it comes to Flourish at CopperWynd Resort in Scottsdale, but I will start with the views. They are impressive, vast and absolutely breathtaking. Nestled within the desert landscape of the McDowell Mountains the 2500 ft. elevation gives sweeping views of our glittering city. If at all possible book your reservation just before sunset and you will be in for an awe-inspiring treat.

And the views alone aren’t what make Flourish a dining destination worth the trek to this part of town. The food is outstanding, the vibe is upscale yet relaxed and the service is absolutely impeccable – Jean is one of the best servers we have ever had, knowledgeable and so friendly.

A couple weeks ago my husband and I enjoyed a date night at Flourish and I must say it is the perfect place for an ideal romantic night out. Valentine’s Day is coming up so ladies and gentleman make your reservations now.

We started our date night with a round of cocktails to sip as we watched the sun go down for the evening.

Next came our appetizers. We had a hard time choosing what we wanted so we ordered three. I am obsessed with Brussels sprouts and Flourish is doing them right, roasted with a Worcestershire gastrique and finished with truffle oil and a sprinkle of cotija cheese.

We also choose a couple seafood options – Red Pepper Crab Cakes and Smoked Salmon Brochette. The crab cakes were plump and fantastic, zesty with roasted red pepper lime butter sauce. My husband is picky about his crab cakes but he loved these ones.

The Smoked Salman Brochettes could have been a meal all it’s own. A mountainous portion of perfectly smoked blackened salmon is piled onto crostini with a tangy caper and dill cream cheese and topped with sun dried tomato relish. So many wonderful tastes and textures in one appetizer!

For my main course I chose the Short Rib Polenta and I am so glad I did. Savory decadence at its finest. The polenta was so creamy and smooth and perfect accompaniment to the super tender short ribs. The addition of Hen of the Woods mushrooms gave the dish an interesting look and lent an earthy taste. The entire dish was topped with a dollop of sour cream that gave it even more richness. Such a delicious entree. I highly recommend it when you visit.

My husband ordered the Parmesan Herb Crusted Halibut and swore it was the best seafood dish he has ever had. I had a bite and can attest to that proclamation. The herb crust on the fish was crispy and a nice contrast to the tender, flaky fish. It was perfectly seasoned and finished with a smoked lemon butter sauce and basil oil and served with a side of broccolini.

Every date night should have a sweet ending so we splurged and ordered the Tableside S’mores. All eyes in the room followed this flaming dessert to our table. It was a fun spectacle to roast our own marshmallows and build our perfect s’more. But these aren’t ordinary s’mores; Flourish uses high quality local chocolate and handmade marshmallows giving this whimsical dessert a gourmet flare. They were messy and so good! Live a little – order the s’mores!

Living way across the valley from CopperWynd Resort was not an issue, it was an easy drive along the 101 and then down Shea Blvd. Once you enter this part of Scottsdale it’s like the noise of the city is drowned out with serene stillness and the skies open up to reveal the glittering diamond stars. The drive uphill past beautiful real estate and desert landscape gives promise of an unforgettable evening.

Flourish is date night done right (but would also be a great GNO too).

Flourish is located at CopperWynd Resort –  13225 N. Eagle Ridge Dr. Scottsdale, AZ 85268. For reservations call: 480-333-1880.


Disclaimer: My husband and I enjoyed our meal free of charge to help facilitate this write up. As usual, all opinions stated within this post are entirely my own. 

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