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My hair was getting pretty gross. And I was getting pretty down about it. All the time spent in the pool was drying it out and the ends had become horribly ragged.

Also I suffered from MAJOR postpartum hair loss that lasted for about seven months. That was traumatizing – I would pull clumps of hair off my head by the handfuls and our bathroom floor was carpeted by my shedding. I was pretty sure I would be completely bald before my daughter turned a year old. Mercifully it stopped.

Now the regrowth all over my head is a bit comical. So I packed up Miss Jax and headed to my hair-stylin’ guru’s house to have her rid my head of the dry nastiness and give the new baby hairs a chance to catch up to the rest.

The new ‘do will also (hopefully) prevent some of the hair yanks (courtesy of Jax) I endure pretty much constantly. Hooray.


BEFORE! I really didn’t realize how long it had become. I was a little sad to see it go.


AFTER! All shiny and healthy and not too drastically short. I’ll survive.

ImageIt was a muggy, humid day so this photo doesn’t show how cute the cut really is, but I love it! 

My new cut is courtesy of my bestie and long-time hair stylist, Farrah. She has mad skill’z with hair, seriously a hair wizard. If you live in the greater Phoenix area then I highly suggest visiting her at Sachi where she works. She is on maternity leave now but will be returning at the beginning of September. Farrah is outrageously awesome with hair and color.

I apologize for the poor quality of these photos, they are phone photos and taken by my 8 year-old sister, Sarah. 

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  • Jennifer

    it looks so cute!! I didn’t know Farrah did hair. I may have to pay her a visit. I was bummed when she moved away because she was one of my first friends I made in Junior high! LOL

    • yaybaby

      Not that Farrah, unless you went to middle school in Gilbert. LOL! But you should definitely pay this Farrah a visit. She’s been doing my hair for 10 years. She does Lissa’s and Lissa’s mom’s hair too. And Rhonda used to go to her too. She is AMAZING, especially with color. And she is nice and sweet and wonderful, I’m proud and privileged she is my friend.

  • Ann @Foodie in WV

    I need a hair cute soon too 🙂 Your hair looks great!

    • yaybaby

      Go get a hair cut! Get a pedicure too. I bet you’re due for some pampering!

  • Leann

    Looks beautiful

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