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For awhile now Brat Haus has been one of my favorite hangouts to enjoy great food and the incredible Arizona sunshine. After a recent visit I was reminded why. It doesn’t get any better than a tasty brat, topped your way, a fabulous cocktail (or beer) with a cool breeze and sunny warmth. The beer garden setting and friendly hospitality has all of that and more.

Usually when I visit Brat Haus I order cheese curds as a starter. I LOVE cheese curds and here they do not disappoint, but I ventured out and tried the Haus Poutine. What a giant mess…a giant mess of YUM! The portion was huge, plenty for at least four people. A hefty pile of Brat Haus’ famous Belgian fries are presented on a large metal tray, topped with beer cheese, pulled pork, gravy and those cheese curds I adore so much. It was an artery-clogging tangle of the most delicious things on earth. My lunch date and I had no problem polishing off the tray.

It’s an unspoken rule that when you visit a place with the name of a food as part of it’s name you should order that food. I’m not a rule breaker, so even though my belly was full I ordered a brat and my lunch buddy followed suit. There are over a dozen options of these sausages to choose from and an endless combination of toppings. I opted for a spicy brat topped with sauerkraut and beer cheese and my friend chose a Haus Brat with sweet and sour relish and beer cheese.

My brat wasn’t kidding with the spice. I can handle some heat and this sausage had me sweating. It was very flavorful and the creaminess of the cheese sauce and tang of the kraut helped to ebb the burn a bit while still adding excellent taste. My friend gobbled up her brat pretty quickly so I assume she loved it as well. Brat Haus makes all of their own toppings including the sauerkraut, relishes, pickles, cheese sauce and even the curry ketchup and honey mustard. It’s all very fresh and the variety is impressive.

There is always room for a sweet ending and I can’t recommend Brat Haus’s Apple Strudel enough. The crust is perfectly flakey and the apples have just the right texture. It sits in a pool of incredible buttery caramel and it took all of my restraint to refrain from licking the plate. The ice cream and cloud of whipped cream were frivolous embellishments that made it all the more sinfully decadent. Do NOT miss this strudel.

And speaking of apple deliciousness at Brat Haus, the new Apple Pie cocktail on the beverage menu is pretty amazing. Made with vanilla infused vodka, fireball, cinnamon and brown sugar, it’s a sweet drink that will surely sneak up on you if you’re not careful. I’d have happily enjoyed one (or two) more but I have my own rule about not getting lushed up at lunch time.

Spring is here and now is the time to head to Brat Haus to enjoy this gorgeous AZ weather and while enjoying some great grub.  Brat Haus truly has one of the best patio/outdoor seating areas in all of Scottsdale. Stop by and enjoy a sausage and some sunshine.


Disclaimer: I enjoyed this meal as part of a media visit. All opinions stated stated here are entirely my own. 

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